In order to be in compliance with the standards established in the Chancellor’s campus security audit and to enhance the security of our network, we are in the process of closing direct access to SSH ports on all of our servers.r/>

Impact of the changes for SSH users

For SSH and SFTP users,

Nothing needs to be changed if you are accessing the server from the campus wired network.  If you are trying to SSH or SFTP to the server from off campus or via the campus wireless network, you will have to make a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection first. Once the VPN connection is made, you should be able to SSH or SFTP to the server without changing any settings of your SSH/SFTP client.

How to use the SJSU VPN

Follow the instructions on the link below to download and setup the VPN client for your OS.


You will need to use your SJSUOne/MySJSU login id and password for VPN connection. Once connected successfully, please proceed with your SSH/SFTP connection as you would from on campus network.

Impact of the changes for HTTP users

Also for security reasons, HTTP traffic to all servers will be routed through a reverse proxy server, but this should be transparent to users. To update the content of your web pages on these servers, you should use an SFTP client such as filezilla or rsync if your are using Mac OS.

How to get help?

Enter a CoS helpdesk ticket by going to the website: http://ncs.science.sjsu.edu/helpdesk/logon.asp?URL=/helpdesk/Default.asp

or drop by DH33 with your laptop.